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"I drank until you weren’t real."
Six Word Story (#12)

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Me as a good friend: *supports and encourages ur hoe activities*

Reminds me of ashley-vevo

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Bookstore in Matsumoto, Japan, 2014.



Bookstore in Matsumoto, Japan, 2014.

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Cloudy Eyes

Brown eyes cloud over with the same haze I have seen time and time again

Tears falling, I once would have kissed away the rain but I can’t be your sunshine anymore.

I can’t shine anymore.

Never thought i would be caught between my heart and a hard place. My heart and my self-respect. My heart and my own fear.

Arms that used to shield me and hold me up have become my cage.

Lips that dripped nothing but sweet dew now stain my skin with their venom.

The touch of your hands, once craved, now brings to the surface a new deep-seeded shame.

I can’t let you go but I can’t let you stay. I am not strong enough to radiate past your pain.

You are brighter than your darkest clouds, Honey, you are stronger then the bonds that tie the harmful social constructs to your beautiful mind. I know you will find your freedom, and I’ll keep praying for mine.

Your cloudy eyes will lose their rain, Babe, I promise, give it time.

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I cannot stop thinking about her.

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"Do not sabotage your new relationship with your last relationship’s poison."

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Needed this this morning. 

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